Welcome to Fellowship Bible Church


We are a grace-based fellowship that emphasizes the sufficiency of Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross for all things in our daily lives.  We believe the Scriptures are best understood when taught in context, verse by verse with God Himself illuminating His truth for us.  Our passion is to communicate a clear gospel message and a clear grace-based approach to living the Christian life.  In line with the Great Commission, we desire to evangelize the lost, and disciple the saved so that the saints are equipped for the work of ministry.

Join us Sunday, July 20th as Pastor Clark begins an exegetical study through the Book of 1 Thessalonians!  Come see how the doctrine of eschatology (end times) should have a direct impact on how we live our lives today.

Join us Wednesday nights starting on February 26th for a verse by verse study through the Book of Revelation from 6:30 to 7:45pm.  This is a book which has baffled many people, and that others completely avoid.  Come and learn what the book is all about as it was meant to be understood!


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