08052018 Blessings of the LORD (Travis Chappell)

07292018 Lovingkindness (Travis Chappell)

07222018 Heavenly consideration for earthly end (Travis Chappell)

07152018 Paul’s Charge to Timothy (Travis Chappell)

07082018 A Rich Heritage in Christ (Travis Chappell)

07012018 Being Encouraged Through God’s Plan and Timing (Greg Ventura)

06242018 Empty Shells and False Faith (Travis Chappell)

06172018 Prudent Resistance to False Teaching (Travis Chappell)

06102018 Continuous Trust (Travis Chappell)

06032018 Conscientious Perseverance (Travis Chappell)

05272018 Standing Strong During Ridicule (Travis Chappell)

05202018 Confidence in Christ (Travis Chappell)

05132018 Noise from Within (Travis Chappell)

05062018 The Gallant Guardian (Travis Chappell)

04292018 Conclusion of Exodus (Travis Chappell)

04222018 Doing God’s Will (Travis Chappell)

04152018 Holy Restoration (Travis Chappell)

04012018 Imperishable Inheritance (Travis Chappell)

03252018 It’s All About Jesus (Travis Chappell)

03182018 Without the presence of God (Travis Chappell)

03112018 Interceding (Travis Chappell)

03042018 Slippery Slope of Idolatry (Travis Chappell)

02252018 Relationship with God (Chuck Ballard)

02182018 Sacred Work and Sacred Rest (Travis Chappell)

02112018 The Sweet Aroma to God (Travis Chappell)

02042018 A Holy People with Holy Work (Travis Chappell)

01282018 Clothed in Righteousness (Travis Chappell)

01212018 The Dwelling Place of God (Travis Chappell)

01142018 Our Proximity in Relation to God (Travis Chappell)

01072018 Detect and Destroy (Travis Chappell)